The Politics of Public Playfulness (transcript) • A Playful Path

The Politics of Public Playfulness (transcript) • A Playful Path. We kind of get embarrassed to be seen being playful. We kind of get a feeling that it’s illegal to be playful. Because, you know, you’re playful, you go out some place and you’re being playful, and people look at you like that. You know: “What are you doing being… Read more →

Zhang Huan’s Poppy Fields

Chinese artist Zhang Huan’s paintings, entitled, “Poppy Fields” are intended to evoke the idea of liberated souls who have undergone the sky burial process that he discovered while traveling through Tibet.


Blogging here to keep for reference: “who are other artists who are working with images of poppies and what are they doing with them?”

Faces from the Border: We Could Be Them – The New Yorker

The father once illegally crossed the border from Mexico; now the son is a border-patrol agent for the United States. On a spring afternoon, I drive along Paisano Drive, in El Paso, and spot shiny white-and-green Border Patrol vans crawling alongside an eighteen-foot fence. The agents seem bored, guarding the world’s most powerful country from possible terrorists, but mostly from… Read more →

Digital Preservation in the Artist’s Studio — Medium

Rhizome’s curator shares best practices for digital preservation beginning at the source within an artist’s studio. It includes a suggestion of offering Art as a Service, with contracts that allow collectors to reliably come back to the studio should they ever experience data loss. Source: Digital Preservation in the Artist’s Studio — Medium This matters to SWEAT because we have… Read more →

Connected Worlds – Interactive ecosystem for @nysci by @design_io

Large project with NSF funding poetically explores ecosystems at large scale. Blogged here for reference to it’s hardware and software details. Sow/Reap may benefit from their example. Each environment in Connected Worlds runs on a separate machine with software developed with openFrameworks. There are a total of 8 Mac Pros running the whole experience. There is a total of 15 projectors… Read more →

Home-Brewed Heroin – The New Yorker

Found this article in the New Yorker magazine that puts a crazy twist in the path of any war on drugs, and which gives some nuance to any story about poppies: For as long as humans have been farmers, we have been drinkers. Wild yeast was the first microorganism that we domesticated, more than ten millennia ago. But archaeologists believe… Read more →

Landscape and Gamespace in Latin American Videogame Design | Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros

our early videogames, Crosser & La Migra, are included in the scholarship of Phillip Penix-Tadsen in his forthcoming book: Cultural Code: Video Games and Latin America (Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 2016). His article: Landscape and Gamespace in Latin American Videogame Design, is now up on the website of the Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros and offers a glimpse of his… Read more →