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I grew up admiring 60 Minutes for its storytelling and investigative reporting. So many original stories. No one on television was doing what 60 Minutes was doing then. It looked so exciting and that was part of why I became … Continue reading →

Source: Sad for 60 Minutes – True Tales: a Reporters Blog

Sam Quinones is an independent journalist who once worked for the LA Times. His blog post struck a chord with me. I was unaware of his book, Dreamland. Now it’s on my “must read” list. In it he explores stories, problems, and possibilities of the drug trade along the US-Mexico border and in heartland Ohio. His focus is on opiates.

One of the notes in the chord he struck is that he mentions his book was a risk to his family’s well being. I have family tied to this, as well. My mom was the one who alerted me to the poppy agriculture in Colombia, while the world was looking at coca. My older son was part of the team that made Sow/Reap. And, now my younger son has moved to Ohio to study.

I’ve got to read Dreamland. And reinvigorate Juan & the Beanstalk.