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The Politics of Public Playfulness (transcript) • A Playful Path

The Politics of Public Playfulness (transcript) • A Playful Path. We kind of get embarrassed to be seen being playful. We kind of get a feeling that it’s illegal to be playful. Because, you know, you’re playful, you go out some place and you’re being playful, and people look at you like that. You know: “What are you doing being… Read more →

Stress Test 01

Two days in and we were still getting an instability in the network. Note the mismatch in the local and global poppy counts at each station. One colleague suggested data garbage management, another suggested WiFi interference from the other two networks in the space. I decided to fly the router and connect the CPUs via Ethernet to test the latter… Read more →

The MacSpa Tech Video Blog 01 – The Sweat Collaborative

September 16, 2013 For our first video blog post, we were excited to be invited by the Sweat Collaborative, championed by Rafael Fajardo to a preview of their latest project. The Sweat Collaborative has been producing innovative and challenging game-as-art pieces for over 14 years now. Our own Miguel A. Tarango was a key member of the first Sweat Collaborative.… Read more →