stress test install



The day after Labor Day, 2013, Andre and I went in to install the game for a stress test. With Ben, Tommy, and Esteban returned to their respective colleges Andre and I surmised that the latest build had been 8-16-8.

We could not get a stable WiFi LAN with the older Linksys router. The university’s WiFi renewed its IP addresses every 24 hours. This would prevent us from “flying” the CPUs up in the grid because we would need to climb up there daily to log them back into the game. We are using one of these CPUs as the server/host, arbitrarily.
I brought a newer router from home, an inexpensive Belkin that was serving as a repeater to extend that network. We reset it to factory settings and were pleased to find that it gave us more options for configuring this LAN. We set the IP address lease duration to “forever” and that helped stabilize the network. We were also able perform remote log-in and screen sharing through VNC protocols. This meant we could fly the CPUs without mice and keyboards.