Unity on a beaglebone black?

Well the raspberry pi is armv6 so Unity can’t even build for it….

This is really an unfortunate mix. The pi has the GPU, but lacks the CPU and android support.

The beaglebone black has the CPU and the android support but lacks the GPU.

I’ve been looking around incessantly trying to figure out how you can set the GPU/CPU split in the RAM on the beaglebone but don’t see anything, I’m really hoping that doesn’t mean the beaglebone black GPU doesn’t share the main system RAM and thus has an extremely small and unusable amount of VRAM.

But none the less I’ve ordered a beaglebone black. Also have a raspberry pi, I also just ordered an udoo quad. My company has put me on trying to figure out the perfect embedded system to place inside a kiosk that can ideally run Unity. So I should have some interesting things to report back about this in a few months.

If anyone knows of any small single PCB board computer than can run Unity. Ideally control DMX lighting signals and hook up to an LCD through an LVDS cable. OR… just run unity. Lemme know, I will purchase one and investigate it.

via Unity on a beaglebone black?.

This is the salient excerpt from the Unity forum on the viability of Unity on a BeagleBone Black SoC. The entry is dated 2013 09 28 by Techmage from Portland.