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Kinect Sensor on Microsoft Developer Network

  The Kinect Services support the following features: Depth image including Player Index RGB image Tilt (Get and Set) Microphone Array (not in simulation) Skeleton Tracking (not in simulation) You can specify the resolution of the Depth and RGB cameras independently via a config file, as well as the depth camera mode.The config file also specifies whether you want skeleton… Read more →

Microsoft Is Teaching Kinect to Understand Sign Language [VIDEO]

Microsoft Is Teaching Kinect to Understand Sign Language via Mashable. Microsoft researchers are working on ways to use the Kinect’s body-reading capabilities to understand sign language inputs. Microsoft Research Asia and the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Computing Technology has collaborated to use the Kinect to help with computer sign-language recognition. As shown in the video above, they’ve demonstrated… Read more →

Wide Area Motion Capture with Multiple Kinects | TrackingReality

In this work we developed a wide area tracking system based on consumer hardware such as Microsoft Kinect and Asus Xtion together with available motion capture modules and middleware (OpenNI). We are using multiple depth cameras (Kinects) for human pose tracking in order to increase the captured space. In this video you can see an installation of 3 Kinect depth… Read more →