Ceiling Mount Kinects | Seespace Labs

So what I wanted was to find some place on the plastic case where I could safely put a screw in. This screw would hold a bracket that fastened the little rig to the ceiling. Tonight, I took apart one of my Kinects to look for a good trepanning location–somewhere I could drill a hole to add a new screw without destroying parts or shorting the thing out. Taking apart a Kinect is actually not real easy to do, but this woman showed me how to do it. It occurred to me that the same screws I was taking out to open the case could hold my brackets. So there is a really simple, elegant design for ceiling mounting Kinects. You just remove two of the screws on the bottom surface (I used the ones that are covered by stickers) and put them back in with L-brackets between and possibly a washer. Easy-ish!

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