The MacSpa Tech Video Blog 01 – The Sweat Collaborative

September 16, 2013 For our first video blog post, we were excited to be invited by the Sweat Collaborative, championed by Rafael Fajardo to a preview of their latest project. The Sweat Collaborative has been producing innovative and challenging game-as-art pieces for over 14 years now. Our own Miguel A. Tarango was a key member of the first Sweat Collaborative. The current collaborative is producing an exciting new experience designed to be playable in physical art/museum/cool spaces. This current project is a full body immersive environment that challenges the players to interact with each other to create a digital conversation that may or may not mutually benefit each of the player’s agendas. We at The MacSpa are excited to see where this project may go and hope to hear many more great things from Rafael Fajardo and the Sweat Collaborative. This current version of the project was shown at the University of Denver in the hypercube space on August 14, 2013. Video by Miguel A. Tarango

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