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OpenNI website to close April 23, 2014

Important PrimeSense has a limited number of Carmine 1.08 and Carmine 1.09 (short range) sensors available for purchase for academic and other noncommercial research only. Purchases and delivery are subject to availability and lead time, PrimeSense’s terms and conditions and are at PrimeSense’s sole discretion. For more information please contact PrimeSense at contact@primesense.com by April 1, 2014 if you would… Read more →

Doing blob tracking with a kinect using Processing is surprisingly hard, as I’ve discovered today in the CIID Generative Design workshop I’ve been running, the below shows the trickery required to buffer RGB images from the kinect and then doing blob tracking on them:

via Processing SimpleOpenNI to Processing OpenCV | thefactoryfactory.