Inst-Inst adds a workshop on Kinect2

After yesterday’s announcements from GamesCon in Europe that led reporters to believe that the Kinect2 is being abandoned by Microsoft, the organizers of Inst-Inst today announced the addition of a workshop for installation artists covering the Kinect2 to be led by MS insiders.

Hey Folks,

We’re pleased to let you know we’ve added another workshop to INST-INT. This is a great opportunity to learn (from the source) about one of the most versatile devices for sensing, tracking and capturing motion. Registration is open as of right now. Seats are limited.

Workshop: Incorporating Kinect v2 Into Creative Coding Experiences

Kinect v2 has dramatically improved capabilities over the v1 device: HD color, 3x depth fidelity, clean IR, and improved microphones. This workshop introduces the new, Kinect v2 sensor and its capabilities. You will learn how to incorporate it in your applications/experiences/installations. We will cover our Unity3D plug-in and show how it can be used to get Kinect data into Unity3D. Kinect Common Bridge will also be covered along with plugins for openFrameworks and Cinder. Every attendee will receive their own Kinect for Windows v2 sensor. (!!!)

Led by Microsoft’s Ben Lower and members of the Kinect for Windows Team. (These folks were at Eyeo.)

Complete details here:
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Spread the word: This is a great way get started working with the Kinect, and learn about all the new features of the v2 device.