Interview: Sony Announces End of CCD Sensor Production – Allied Vision Technologies

We have been looking at a variety of industrial IR cameras as potential replacements for the Kinect 1.0 in Sow/Reap. The consumer technologies have become so unstable as to make them reliable only for short projects. Longer term projects, those with years long development times, or those that aspire to be enduring once complete, will need material resources that are more stable than consumer electronics have become. The quote below, taken from an Allied Vision Technologies marketing newsletter, helps remind us that even in other market sectors technological change is inescapable.

Sony has announced that it will stop production of all CCD-sensors as of March 2017. We spoke with Michael Cyros, Chief Commercial Officer of Allied Vision, about the impact of that decision for the machine vision industry and Allied Vision customers.

Mike, are you surprised by Sony’s decision to stop CCD sensor production?

Not really. Many in the industry had expected this to happen sooner or later. As you know, CMOS sensors have become more and more popular in the last couple of years. With greatly improved image quality, sensitivity, dynamic range and speeds, they have outpaced CCD technology of late. Sony’s decision is a logical step in that context to provide further capacity for CMOS growth.

via Interview: Sony Announces End of CCD Sensor Production – Allied Vision Technologies.