Unity Manual: Debugging Networking Elements in Unity

Trying to track down a bug in our networking. It seems that we do NOT have to use Unity’s Master Server, but can connect directly among machines with “public” IP addresses. It may be that the machines we are using in our fishbowl studio have been set up with a firewall or a NAT and I didn’t notice. Another possibility is a snarled tangle in the C# script called PoppyNetwork. Our friend Bill Depper suggests that a line of code that should assign an IP address is missing. Fingers crossed that I can track it down before departure to Utah.

Unity comes with several facilities to help you debug your Networked game.

  1. The Network Manager can be used for logging all incoming and outgoing network traffic.
  2. Using the Inspector and Hierarchy View effectively you can track object creation and inspect view id’s etc.
  3. You can launch Unity two times on the same machine, and open different projects in each. On Windows, this can be done by just launching another Unity instance and opening the project from the project wizard. On Mac OS X, multiple Unity instances can be opened from the terminal, and a -projectPath argument can be specified: /Applications/Unity/Unity.app/Contents/MacOS/Unity -projectPath “/Users/MyUser/MyProjectFolder/” /Applications/Unity/Unity.app/Contents/MacOS/Unity -projectPath “/Users/MyUser/MyOtherProjectFolder/”

via Unity – Manual: Networking Elements in Unity.