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Frame grabbed from Kinect data stream

Found via Prosthetic Knowledge’s Tumblr, a project that deploys 3 Kinect sensors to investigate telepresence applications. There is also an Oculus Rift component. Of interest to us is the detail that the three Kinects overlap and are synchronized. In an earlier post we discovered that roboticists (sic?)  are attaching vibrators to Kinects suspended in a shock-absorbing frame in order to provide machine vision in an environment with multiple devices.

I just moved all my Kinects back to my lab after my foray into experimental mixed-reality theater a week ago, and just rebuilt my 3D video capture space / tele-presence site consisting of an Oculus Rift head-mounted display and three Kinects. Now that I have a new extrinsic calibration procedure to align multiple Kinects to each other more on that soon, and managed to finally get a really nice alignment, I figured it was time to record a short video showing what multi-camera 3D video looks like using current-generation technology no, I don’t have any Kinects Mark II yet. See Figure 1 for a still from the video, and the whole thing after the jump.

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