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Interview: Sony Announces End of CCD Sensor Production – Allied Vision Technologies

We have been looking at a variety of industrial IR cameras as potential replacements for the Kinect 1.0 in Sow/Reap. The consumer technologies have become so unstable as to make them reliable only for short projects. Longer term projects, those with years long development times, or those that aspire to be enduring once complete, will need material resources that are… Read more →

An Unreal Decision

But really, that was just one symptom of a larger problem. The real issue was that Unity seems to have been built for very small development teams. While Republic Sniper isn’t a huge project, we have seven regular project members and a number of other contributors. There are upsides to Unity’s approach: It allows tiny teams to create things that… Read more →

Inst-Inst adds a workshop on Kinect2

After yesterday’s announcements from GamesCon in Europe that led reporters to believe that the Kinect2 is being abandoned by Microsoft, the organizers of Inst-Inst today announced the addition of a workshop for installation artists covering the Kinect2 to be led by MS insiders. Hey Folks, We’re pleased to let you know we’ve added another workshop to INST-INT. This is a… Read more →

Kinect is dead via Polygon

via Polygon, news that Microsoft is unbundling the Kinect2 from the XBoxOne, and the projection that the device is dead in the marketplace. I surmise that the device died when MS announced it would be a mandatory, always on, always online device. It has been rumored to have the capacity to track our bloodflow and so it felt engineered for… Read more →