An Unreal Decision

But really, that was just one symptom of a larger problem. The real issue was that Unity seems to have been built for very small development teams. While Republic Sniper isn’t a huge project, we have seven regular project members and a number of other contributors.

There are upsides to Unity’s approach: It allows tiny teams to create things that used to be impossible for small teams to build. Unity has enabled some truly phenomenal indie games, many of which were created by a single developer.

Unity is also a very developer-centric toolset. Our game artists honestly hated working in the Unity Editor and felt like second-class participants in the game development process. They were constantly waiting on a developer to write a shader or component for them and the tools felt alien. We had constant bottlenecks, and were never happy with the look & feel we could achieve, despite a lot of time and effort invested into the art design and production.

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