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Zhang Huan’s Poppy Fields

Chinese artist Zhang Huan’s paintings, entitled, “Poppy Fields” are intended to evoke the idea of liberated souls who have undergone the sky burial process that he discovered while traveling through Tibet.


Blogging here to keep for reference: “who are other artists who are working with images of poppies and what are they doing with them?”

Estados Unidos sufre crisis nacional de heroína – El Nuevo Día

Under-secretary of State William Brownfield  acknowledges increase in imports/smuggling and use of heroin among the US population, according to this report. WASHINGTON – Estados Unidos está enfrentando “una crisis nacional de heroína”, dijo el martes un funcionario antinarcóticos de alto rango. William Brownfield, subsecretario de Estado, señaló que en los últimos cuatro años se ha incrementado en 75% la cantidad… Read more →

Taliban Earnings from Poppy Cultivation in 2012

According to the Counternarcotics Minister of Afghanistan, the Taliban earned at least $155 Million from poppy cultivation and the opium trade in 2012. The Government of Afghanistan reported that 102 police officers, soldiers and civilians were killed from attacks by poppy farmers and the Taliban during eradication efforts throughout the year. An additional 127 people were injured during the eradication… Read more →

More Heroin from Mexico Entering United States

In early 2014, federal security administrators reported that more heroin grown and produced in Mexico was entering the United States. Officials stated that this was occurring due to the decrease in marijuana that was being sold by Mexican traffickers. Based on intelligence and media interviews, the wholesale price of marijuana sold in Mexico has dropped within the past 5 years.… Read more →

Price of Heroin in Denver, Colorado

A reader of Havocscope submitted information through our Crowd-Sourced Data form to explain the prices of the heroin market in Denver, Colorado. According to our reader, the heroin dealers in the Denver metro area are mostly from Honduras. The heroin is bagged in half gram portions, which are sold for $30, and $60 for a full gram of heroin. Dealers… Read more →