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Microsoft’s new Kinect is official

The new motion controller processes a stunning two gigabits of data per second to accurately read your environment. Everything about this second iteration of the Kinect is more accurate, in fact, from the number of reference points on your skeleton it monitors down to its ability to read your heartbeat. And it’s powerful enough to bring that increased fidelity to… Read more →

Kinect for Windows Sensor Components and Specifications

Kinect for Windows 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 Inside the sensor case, a Kinect for Windows sensor contains: An RGB camera that stores three channel data in a 1280×960 resolution. This makes capturing a color image possible. An infrared (IR) emitter and an IR depth sensor. The emitter emits infrared light beams and the depth sensor reads the IR beams reflected back… Read more →

Kinect Sensor on Microsoft Developer Network

  The Kinect Services support the following features: Depth image including Player Index RGB image Tilt (Get and Set) Microphone Array (not in simulation) Skeleton Tracking (not in simulation) You can specify the resolution of the Depth and RGB cameras independently via a config file, as well as the depth camera mode.The config file also specifies whether you want skeleton… Read more →

Fusebox gallery rough measured drawing in Google Sketchup

Rough measured drawing of Fusebox Gallery of the Denver Art Museum, accurate to within a few inches in each dimension. Thanks to our friend Christopher Coleman for sharing his rendition in Blender and the copy he made from the annotated blueprints. Teri is working up a rendition in Maya with very few polygons so that we can use it in… Read more →


our friend Erika L. thinks this may be of some use for Andre, given his last update. Camera.ScreenPointToRay ScreenPointToRay(position: Vector3): Ray; Description Returns a ray going from camera through a screen point. Resulting ray is in world space, starting on the near plane of the camera and going through position’s x,y pixel coordinates on the screen position.z is ignored. Screenspace… Read more →

Meet Utilite, a $99 quad-core ARM-based PC running Ubuntu

That box you see above? It’s a quad-core ARM-based PC running Ubuntu called Utilite. The desktop system, made by Compulab, will be available next month starting at $99. While there are plenty of Android dongles built on ARM SoCs out there, few (if any) can truly offer a PC-like experience. The company — best known for its Trim Slice, Fit-PC… Read more →

Spaceteam: Cooperative iPhone and iPad Party Game

A cooperative shouting game for phones and tablets ** Apple and Android devices can now play together over Wifi! Hooray! ** Do you like pushing buttons and shouting at your friends? Do you like discharging Clip-jawed Fluxtrunions? If you answered yes, or no, then you might have what it takes to be on a Spaceteam! Features: Teamwork An untimely demise… Read more →