08 Progress Report installation nuance

Yesterday (July 08, 2013) we challenged ourself to get a multi-computer scene in Unity up and running as quickly as possible, preferably by the end of our workday. After watching what we hoped would be a helpful tutorial yielded a dead end (proprietary code-base), Ben, Teri and Esteban found a package that worked. We had to create a WiFi LAN with an old LinKSys router because our nodes couldn’t find each other over the campus network.
While that was going on, Andre worked to replicate the setup (Unity, USB ID, OpenNI, NITE2, Kinect) on another Mac Mini. We discovered that we hadn’t fully documented a nuanced installation detail which necessitated finding an archive or log of sudo commands entered into the first Mac Mini. USB ID had been updated with new file name, and so we were installing an outdated or non-existent file. Once we remembered that detail Andre was able to get skeleton recognition working in the Unity environment on the second Mac Mini.
Google Fu was strong this day.
To Do: determine the maximum number of machines that can be handled by the multi-machine setup. Attempt to integrate the gestural UI system with the multi-machine system.
Notes: Esteban was hesitant to call the setup, the scene in Unity parlance, a multi-player scene; rather, he indicated that it was a multi-machine scene. I would like some clarity on this linguistic nuance. We should write a ReadMe with the exact installation procedure so that it can be replicated in the field.